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What has Disney’s Frozen got to do with Easter?

I don’t know what comes to your mind when you first think about Easter, but this year I couldn’t get the song ‘Let It Go’ out of my mind as I was preparing to speak to all those who would gather for our Easter Day baptism service.

In the story, adapted from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale ‘The Snow Queen’, Elsa has a gift of creating things out of snow and ice – but she ends up harming those she loves, and decides that the only way she can protect herself and others from this ‘gift’ is to leave town, and live out the rest of her days in isolation.

Christians often talk about how Jesus’ death on the cross defeats our sin and shame. But what does that mean?

Dr Brene Brown says in her TED talk that shame is an epidemic. (You can watch it all here

Guilt is when we feel bad for something we have done. Shame is feeling bad about who we are. The result of both is fear. And fear leads to isolation, which means we get trapped by not wanting others to see who we really are, or what we are really like.

But perfect love casts out all fear. Just like in Frozen, only an act of selfless love can set us free.

Whilst the cross and Good Friday might remind us of the brokenness we all carry, and how we find it easier to judge others and go along with crowd, Easter Day and the empty tomb show us God’s response: destroying our enemies. Death is defeated.

God came to find us in the midst of our brokenness. Knowing we carried guilt. Seeing the shame that so easily defines us. And the way these make us hide from him, from others, and even from ourselves.

‘Let It Go’ is a song about getting free from the past, of living without constraint. But it’s a life of isolation defined by fear, guilt and shame.

The song of Easter Day is about trusting that God can cope with the very worst bits of us, and defeat our enemies, even death itself.

Love triumphs over fear.

Forgiveness triumphs over guilt.

Peace triumphs over shame.

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