My last post said: ‘So, it’s Christmas 2012 – let the new thoughts begin!’. Could it be that I’ve not done any thinking for almost nine months?!

Quite the opposite: since then I’ve completed my Masters degree in Contemporary Ecclesiology at King’s College London, which has had me thinking about the role of the ecstatic in charismatic worship, how the theology of the Incarnation impacts our ideas about mission and the church, and I’ve finished a dissertation on the role of worship in church plants.

So there’s been lots of thinking; just not much blogging. And now with the studies over, I’m hoping to write a little more about these topics and others.

Thoughts around mission, worship, the church, planting church, growing leaders, that kind of thing. Maybe you’ll find them interesting – if you do then please respond, and share across your social media network to grow the conversation.

And I’d love your questions and provocations about what to blog…

Hello world!

Things have changed a little since I started the ‘thoughts’ section on my website, and WordPress seems the logical next step in being able to post and get interactions going.

So, it’s Christmas 2012 – let the new thoughts begin!