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Each one of SUNY Plattsburgh’s 70+ programs comes with a promise — you will be given the tools to go farther. Leading professors, experiential learning opportunities, and alumni networking connections are all available to help you succeed.

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  1. Journalism 主要

    Journalism 主要

    ​This major prepares you for a career in journalism. You’ll learn through hands-on courses in news, reporting, editing, page layout, ethics, and law.

  2. Latin American Studies 主要

    Latin American Studies 主要

    Study and engage Latin American cultures, expand your awareness and enrich your understanding of the world and its diversity.

  3. Latin American Studies Study Option in Spanish 主要

    Latin American Studies Study Option in Spanish 主要

    ​The study option in Latin American studies is designed to deepen and broaden the knowledge of Latin American culture, literature and language.

  4. 法律 & Justice 主要

    法律 & Justice 主要

    An interdisciplinary major and the first of its kind in SUNY, the law and justice B.A. provides in-depth study of law and political thought in courses from across the college.

  5. Management 信息rmation Systems 主要

    Management 信息rmation Systems 主要

    Gain an understanding of fundamental management issues by through a foundation in business skills and knowledge complemented by an in-depth study of information technology.

  6. Management 主要

    Management 主要

    ​Increase your knowledge of the whole organization. Our management major gives you the skills you need to improve your chances of a promotion within your organization.

  7. Marketing 主要

    Marketing 主要

    ​Learn through hands-on class projects with local businesses to develop ad campaigns and conduct marketing re搜索 to put their business on the path to success.

  8. 数学ematics 主要

    数学ematics 主要

    Explore the infinite and the infinitesimal, patterns and structure, and master the language that’s used to describe and study scientific phenomena and even language itself.

  9. Medical Technology 主要

    Medical Technology 主要

    A career in medical re搜索, clinical laboratory analyses, and food or pharmaceutical industrial re搜索 starts with our program in medical technology.

  10. Music 艺术s Management 主要

    Music 艺术s Management 主要

    Get a taste of virtually every department on campus. With courses ranging from music theory, music history, to business management, you’ll be ready to work in the music industry.

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